Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography


Night Falls

Night falls
So shall I fall with her

Though Moon, draped in her glory
Rises in the eye of hopeful lovers
Moon would be nothing without Night

In the pupil of her eye
Let me hide, next to Moon
Who is but a reflection
Of a barren world
Which worships itself

I lie with Night, yet I know
No one looks for love in the dark
Except for the fool
Who sees his soul glisten
Beneath the ripples in the sky
Where Aphrodite drowned long ago

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – March 13, 2014



The Gift

Tears are a gift
A telescope so that we might see the depth of our emptiness
And the fullness inside the nothingness

Beyond our sight lies a truth
That one must seek for himself

Be not quick to shed your tears
Instead, shed yourself
And for the first time
See the greatness of the universe

Tears are a gift
A telescope so that we might see the magnitude beyond ourselves
Look and be comforted

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 20, 2014

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The Power of a Photo

In a few short weeks I will be moving to Florida to work as a photographer. This new chapter of my life has inspired me to reflect on my love of photography. As an artist, I always search for the deeper meaning in everything. I always believe there are two sides to every angle: one that is well known and one which is often hidden from the world. In the past, when taking photographs, I would often move a rock or leaf to give my picture an edge or a certain look. However, recently, I have enjoyed the challenge of changing nothing and instead working with exactly what I am given.  Since adopting this approach, I have yet to move any object in my photographs because doing so would only manipulate the truth and undermine my attempt to reveal such obvious truths which remain invisible to the conventional eye.

It is my mission to share my photographs while developing my own unique perspective of the world and myself.  I have always believed the real beauty of the photograph lies not in the final product or what the photo depicts, but rather in the act of taking the photo. The photograph itself will always be a piece of paper but the process of looking through the lens of the camera and capturing a small glimpse of life is somewhat miraculous and divine.  Photos have the power to move and make change in other peoples’ lives but when you take a photograph you are making change in your own vision and empowering yourself.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – April 29, 2013