Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography


To the Lovers

I buried my grasp on reality
Beneath the webbing of your tangled hair
For fear of letting it go while holding you near

Your breath fills my lungs
I go up in flames
Rising toward the flaring heavens

I am lost in the realm of your love
Still, your burdens weigh you down

Lose yourself and come find me

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – December 30, 2013



The moon

The moon lies lopsided tonight
Her crescent: the shards of neglected dreams

It is ironic, that in the wake of reality
It is she, Moon, guardian of ancient knowledge
Who humbly bows her head and asks us to dream

For Dreams are the bonds which hold time and space together

The day man releases his sights from the stars
Moon will sink beneath the shadows of night
Never to return

I can not remember the last time I dreamt
But I know not a night goes by in which I do not try

As long as we dream to dream
The splendor of the universe will bring Moon to her knees

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – August 18, 2013