Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography


Love Song 1

You press your eyes against me
Deep breathes
The open air
We move among the drums
Where children play
They know no rhythm
Still, their music grows the sweeter
The longer we listen
And linger
With pounding hearts

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – December 26, 2014



In Love

In her heavy stupor
Could finally wrap the heat
For curling into a ball
Small shudders

Full of nothing
But consciousness

In love–

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – October 07, 2014



The universe spoke today
It was crisp and sound
I lost it almost in the thunder

There was no death
Nor any sight of a thousand herons passing by
Only the fleeting of anticipation

And for the first time, I listened
As the ant drowned out the rain

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – September 29, 2014


Songs From The Edge

It was fortunate
The way his voice floated through the cracks on the second story
How could a voice so full of feeling glide so effortlessly on air?

She knew the weight of sorrow
She had carried it through the slums
As they watched in windows with discontent

Even the rain knows misery
Who else breaks rain’s fall?

It pours
As she picks up the violin
She knew once how to play
Before she lost all sensation
In the tips of her being

His voice rises
Carrying her to the open window

She feels light
As the music from long ago

And the rain, it jolts to a beat
As it strums her blood through the streets

(Dedicated to C, and his voice, which carried me to wonderful places.)
© Copyright – All rights reserved – – September 26, 2014


Satin Sheets

Satin sheets stained red
Hang heavy on the line
Winds they must withstand
Blow by blow by innocence
Above a muddied consciousness

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 10, 2013


To Dream

O’ bright Moon, 
Star of my fantasies,
Of thee I dream.

If you drank steep,
Would you stumble down to me?
Falling from the sky;
Caught by my loving embrace-
Kept tight by my loneliness.

If you slept deep,
Would you roll into my arms?
Safety you would find;
Guarded by love’s lullaby–
Prisoned by my free desire.

Yet she is just Moon–
Barren and without Life
And I am just Earth–
Barren and without Love

But to be drunk,
Is not to have drank–
Thus, I was happy.

And to dream,
Is not to have slept–
Thus, I was alive.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 6, 2013