Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography

Poet’s Statement

artsy meWhy is it that the world seems to unravel all the obvious little known facts that string together our identity until who we are becomes the intellectual knot we spend our entire lives trying to straighten out? 

In the fifth grade, I won an essay competition with my first poem. I enjoyed a most rewarding day, not for having won an award, but for witnessing the power of my words. I found in poetry the ability to express myself in ways oral communication would not allow. Drawn to depth and dramatic appeal, I write in an intense manner; a habit I’ve transformed into an artistic style I embrace.

Perhaps the best way to gain a glimpse into who I am is to read my poetry; every time I write a poem, I deconstruct the world, hidden within it, I discover a piece of myself. Thus, to answer my question, we lose ourselves so that we may find ourselves. How boring would it be to possess an absolute self-image and stand along the waters of Eden to witness only your reflection? So for now I will write and honor that art which has so kindly saved a multitude of lost souls.

Yours Truly,

Melinda Foshat

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 9, 2013


21 thoughts on “Poet’s Statement

  1. Aloha Melinda,
    Thank you for stopping by and liking my recent post. I am excited to have discovered your blog and another kindred soul. I too write to find, express, and heal myself….until we meet again wishing you every blessing!

  2. Thank you for visiting my site and introducing me to your work. I encourage you to continue your journey =)

  3. Thanks for reading my recent trifecta entry! I am happy to have found your site and I am looking forward to reading your poems!

  4. Thanks for the like on my introduction, I’m looking forward to reading your posts!


  6. Thanks for the visit Melinda, I write about anything as the thoughts pop into my head. I’d just finished having another go at my novel and I wrote this in a sort of frustration. I love your site and I expect to call back from time to time to read your poems. 🙂

  7. Thank you for stopping by my page
    You truly have a way with words
    Hope to read more of your pieces..

  8. Absolutely beautiful, a lot of poets would agree, it’s apart of our soul and from the heart.

  9. Thanks for revisiting my online writing studio, and for reading and responding to “Maya.”


  10. This was inspiring to read. Specially for a very novice writer like me.What an ode to poetry.

  11. Fuck yes to this 🙂

  12. Amazing truth, that poetry has saved many of us–or at least provided a raft until rescue comes.

  13. I agree with you. Art in general and poetry in special can heal souls (not only the one of the author, painter, musician) 🙂
    Thanks for liking my post 🙂

  14. Melinda, I enjoy your sense of what poetry does. Keep writing. Keep supporting poetry and other poets. Heaven knows we need more appreciation for the arts that make us feel in this world of false sentiment, politics, and tension toward emotion.

  15. Look forward to reading some of your poetry! Good meeting you 🙂

  16. Thank you for liking one of my poems. Keep up the wonderful words that come from your soul.

  17. I love this–keep writing!

  18. You are new to me, but I must congratulate you on the pieces I’ve read so far. What I enjoy in your poems is how each tells a story and is not a pretty posting full of metaphors and hyperbolic speech. Nicely done.

  19. “The power of my words”–it’s a magical moment when we discover that.

  20. Lovely young Melinda, thanks for stopping by. I started to read some of your work. It will take me a while to get the measure of it, but I do see the Persian influence.

    Peace be the Botendaddy

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