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RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams
In hopes of being inspired to write, I watched “Hook” earlier today. Having not seen it in quite some time I realized how perfect a movie it truly is from the screenplay, to the directing and casting. Two lines stood out to me in particular. The first line was said by Dustin Hoffman, “After all, what would the world be like without Captain Hook?” And then there was Robin Williams’ line which concluded the movie: “to live will be an awfully big adventure.” It was only minutes after hearing these words that I learned of Williams’ death. It was sad, ironic, and yet devastatingly beautiful in its own way. I do not wish to think about what the world will be like without Robin Williams. For now I’d rather remember him as I last saw him, flying high and touching the sky. RIP Robin Williams, you were a happy thought to us all.

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Reflections On A Rainy Day


Outside my window stands a magnificent palm tree. One of its palms reaches to my windowsill. On a rainy day, much like today, I sit by my window and watch the rain bounce on the stems and slide down the leaves. I wonder, does the rain drop jump willingly or does the leaf simply let go? Perhaps rain takes a part of the leaf with it, like how strangers who collide momentarily in each other’s lives take some sort of wisdom. If it’s wisdom rain takes, it must be the wisdom it needs to grow into a palm tree itself one day. How else can something so small grow to be so large? I hope one day I too can learn from the rain and the palm tree. For now I am thankful for the rain and for those who have fallen before me. I am thankful for the palm tree and its courage to stretch beyond limitations. And at last I am thankful for my room with a view on rainy day.

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When I Don’t Feel Like Writing

This poem is dedicated to everyone who has ever stopped by my blog, read a poem, or took the time to write me a comment. Your comments don’t go unnoticed. In fact, some comments I read over and over again because they fill me with joy and give me the inspiration I need to keep writing. So thank you all and know that it is because of you that I write.

When I don’t feel like writing
I think of my characters
And I write for them

When I don’t feel like writing
I think of the great writers
And I write for them

When I don’t feel like writing
I think of my readers
And I write for them

When I don’t feel like writing
I think of those who don’t read
And I write for them

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Self Portrait

DSC_0007When all is plated in gold, true treasure lies in the vision of those brave enough to face the glare of their own reflection.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – December 10, 2013


An Unusual Introduction

Why are personal introductions always so difficult? Is it because you only get one shot at a first impression? Perhaps, it’s the unbearable fear of undergoing some sort of self-reflection in the process. Or, if you’re similar to myself, it could be that daunting drive to make everything you create nothing less than unique, nothing short of exquisite and certainly not quite normal. Whether it be the curse of the perfectionist or the blessing of the artist, it’s that single thought in the back of my mind that urges me to transform even the most simple and mundane preface into an unusual introduction.

Writing is an art and I consider myself to be an artist on many different levels. I am not asking you to love my writing or even agree with it. However, I do ask that you appreciate my poems, essays, and posts and understand that each is well thought out, every word specifically chosen and none are merely thrown together in a matter of minutes but have undergone a specific process; first born as a spontaneous thought in my mind from something as quick as a glance at nature, something as simple as a question asked by a child, or something as small as a conversation with a stranger. A thought lingers in the back of my mind for days, if not weeks, until it morphs into words, births new ideas and concocts a firm foundation for a piece of art. Whether you praise and pass on my words or whether you despise and dispute my ideas, at least appreciate that with every post I am giving you my absolute best and nothing less.

I have no intention of wasting your time, nor do I hope that you are already scratching your eyes out with rusty Victorian silverware. I wish to provide you at least an alternative perspective in the way you view the world. If, after reading one of my posts, you have altered the angle of your point of view by only one degree, I have succeeded. Even if you only come to realize the extraordinariness of an oak tree, acknowledge, or God forbid appreciate, your own ability to write or understand the importance of your time and capability to spend it more wisely, then I have triumphed. 

“This is me. Sometimes hidden and sometimes revealed… For me to fit inside everyone’s heart, I put on a new face everyday.” -Rumi

I will always believe the world is worth saving. For now, I will make large attempts and make small changes, I will improve myself so that I might look forward to a better world tomorrow.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right doing,                                                                            
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” -Rumi

Yours Truly,
Melinda Foshat 

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