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She knew she’d
Never reach as
Far as her eyes
Could soar when she
Tangled up in him
And blindly wanted
Sky no more

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – September 22, 2014

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My photography on Etsy: BeautyReleased

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share the link to my Etsy Shop: BeautyReleased which displays some of my photography for sale. I thought some of you might enjoy it since I do not post a lot of my photos on my poetry blog. I am also hoping to create a few pieces which combine my poetry and photos. I hope to post more photos/prints/canvases on my shop as soon as I sell these first items and figure out the details on printing future pieces. If you have any questions or recommendations please contact me. Also, if you have your own Etsy account please leave a comment below with a link to your shop. I would love to check out your work and follow you. Hope you are all well (:


The Jagged Edge


The jagged edge you
Straddle along the boundary
Of right and wrong when
Your sweat runs smooth as silver
Never to reside on one

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – May 27, 2014




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The Power of a Photo

In a few short weeks I will be moving to Florida to work as a photographer. This new chapter of my life has inspired me to reflect on my love of photography. As an artist, I always search for the deeper meaning in everything. I always believe there are two sides to every angle: one that is well known and one which is often hidden from the world. In the past, when taking photographs, I would often move a rock or leaf to give my picture an edge or a certain look. However, recently, I have enjoyed the challenge of changing nothing and instead working with exactly what I am given.  Since adopting this approach, I have yet to move any object in my photographs because doing so would only manipulate the truth and undermine my attempt to reveal such obvious truths which remain invisible to the conventional eye.

It is my mission to share my photographs while developing my own unique perspective of the world and myself.  I have always believed the real beauty of the photograph lies not in the final product or what the photo depicts, but rather in the act of taking the photo. The photograph itself will always be a piece of paper but the process of looking through the lens of the camera and capturing a small glimpse of life is somewhat miraculous and divine.  Photos have the power to move and make change in other peoples’ lives but when you take a photograph you are making change in your own vision and empowering yourself.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – April 29, 2013