Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography


Melinda Foshat Born and raised in Austin, Texas, I have been a country girl all my life. I love animals, admire nature, appreciate small beauties, and seek out each complexity in every simplicity. I am a Theatre and English alumni of Wagner College on Staten Island. I spend my days now in Florida, writing poems and taking photos.

I have Persian roots which inspire my love for the Persian culture. I enjoy the food, the music, the dancing, the laughing, and especially the poetry. It was by chance (or was it?) that I stumbled upon a translated collection of poems written by the Persian poet Rumi. Many moons I’ve spent re-reading his poems, dwelling on the truth hiding within his words. His poetry has strongly inspired my own voice.

As an artist, I love all forms of expression. I enjoy photography, directing, oil painting with palette knives, belly dancing, writing lyrics, acting, playing the flute, writing poetry, plays, and screenplays as well as experimenting with my own forms of art. Film is a strong passion of mine and I will always aspire to find my way into the motion picture industry.

I fell in love with poetry under the branches of Wagner’s blossoms. A pisces at heart, I am nothing short of an imaginative, compassionate, knowledgable, devoted, understanding, adaptable, free-spirited, oversensitive, sympathetic, accepting, indecisive escapist, and I found my escape through poetry. It’s undeniable, I write to heal.

I hope that in some way my words can touch you, really touch you. I wish only that you could see the world through the ripples of these blue-green pisces eyes and realize how precious you truly are.

Yours Truly,
Melinda Foshat

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 9, 2013


66 thoughts on “Biography

  1. If you’re still in Florida, ENJOY! You are a multi-expressive, as am I. Enjoy! I lived in Gainesville, Tarpon Springs, Naples, and Clearwater in the past.

  2. If you’re in Florida, particularly in Miami, you’ll definitely enjoy the Art Basel.

  3. Okay, when you mention movies, I have to know what some of your favorites are…

    • A few of my favorites are Pleasantville, The Prestige, Good Will Hunting, Scent of a Woman, Blood Diamond, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias, The Matrix, The Gladiator, Pulp Fiction, O Brother Where Art Thou, V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight, and many many more (:

      • I’m a big fan of Pleasantville, and I like several others you mentioned. But you’re more likely to see most of my favorites on Turner Classic Movies: The Best Years of Our Lives, Jezebel, Chinatown, Tender Mercies, His Girl Friday, An Unmarried Woman…but some more recent ones, like Seven, Silence of the Lambs, and others. But I suspect I’m a good bit older than you 🙂

      • I haven’t seen most of those, I will have to watch them sometime. I do enjoy older films, I used to watch them more when I was younger. I really enjoyed Gaslight and All About Eve.

  4. Thank you Melinda for Liking our post on the CCE blog….keep expressing and sharing yourself with the world….wishing you Inspiration and Joy along your Journey.

  5. Thank you for dropping by Malcolm’s Corner and liking ‘The Horror of H.P. Lovecraft’.

  6. Hi Melinda,
    Every person is meant for a Unique purpose and every heart has the flame inside burning to fulfill that purpose. Yours is a noble pursuit.

  7. Ah. I too am a pisces, and yes, I too write to heal, and to escape.

  8. During your Austin, TX days did you get to the Austin International Poetry Festival? I enjoyed participating in in for ten years and once in Round Top.

  9. Wow, amazing person!Makes me wonder what a day hanging out with you would be like?See I am more mysterious in a fun way .I am more like I can show more about me than I can tell you and being a Scorpio sign its by nature but I Love It.Thanks for visiting my site and for the like and most of all just being you.

  10. Your Persian cells are present in your poems, Melinda! I’m becoming a follower and will enjoy trading poetry thoughts with you. I’ve been putting poems here and there on my still-new blog, and am always, always thinking about what a poem is, why we write poems, how is a poem different than a narrative story, what makes a poem good, great, etc.

    Thank you for finding my blog. I hope you like it enough to continue with it.

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