Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography

Love Song 1


You press your eyes against me
Deep breathes
The open air
We move among the drums
Where children play
They know no rhythm
Still, their music grows the sweeter
The longer we listen
And linger
With pounding hearts

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – December 26, 2014


Author: melindafoshat

Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

13 thoughts on “Love Song 1

  1. oh … ! hi melinda … haven’t seen you in a while … it’s good to see … i like sexy poety …. wull …. i won’t go there …. anyway … i like your words and i like the way they make me feel and i like the visions they conjure up inside of me … and thanks for stopping by my place …. ks

  2. I like the image of the drums “knowing no rhythm, still whose music grows sweeter” as a metaphor for love. Beautiful.

  3. How lovely! 🙂 Best wishes for the New Year, Melinda. 🙂 Iris

  4. Rhythm of gliding together … I like your choice of senses

  5. Exquisitely beautiful lyrics! Your site is awesome. Thank you for visiting mine. Happy New Year! 🙂

  6. Wow, your words evoke such powerful imagery. Great poem!

  7. The children playing drums image has an oddly ancient, primal appeal, as though we’re walking among the performance of a ritual as old as time itself.

  8. Nice poem. I especially like the first line. And thanks for liking my poem, too!

  9. I like this poem. Beautiful imagery with an economy of words (and in my opinion that’s what makes a poem work). Happy New Year! I will be returning to read more of your work.

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