Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography




She was never any good at sitting
Restlessness came
When no one did
Refusing to let her forget
The ruin in their eyes

She knew best
How to walk, stumble
From bucket to can
As the wind cut by, wickedly
Unable to lift her strain

When breathing took its toll
She swallowed a penny
It went down smoother
Than the last ounce of hope

Now she sits
And waits
For a quarter

As they toss glances
And tip
Her heavy heart

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – November 25, 2014


Author: melindafoshat

Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

15 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. “Restlessness came
    When no one did”

    Like this.

  2. I enjoyed reading your very “moving” poem about a life gone stagnant. Your evocation skills are outstanding; the sadness and the futility were palpable.

  3. Melinda, this poem, DOWNTIME, is exquisite. Have you ever had problems logging in to I purchased my own domain and, just within the past fifteen minutes, have been experiencing Sign In Name and Password rejection. Noting in the Search engine a listing for with the letters “bu” attached at the end of the URL, I clicked on that, and it opened a log in page identical to the one I’d been trying unsuccessfully; this one led me here, to the site. Can you speak to any of this? Thanks! p.s. has no phone number contact.

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for visiting! That is weird indeed. I haven’t purchased my own domain so I’m not sure what the sign in page is suppose to look like. When I click your username I am taken to I hope you figure it out. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

  4. Excellent wit and poem Melinda, with eloquent marks of sadness throughout highlighting my appreciation of it. I know that sounds morbid, but things that evoke any sense of emotion should be prized more highly that those poems that bring out no response from the reader!

  5. Touching portrait of the old woman bowed down by life who still has maybe a penny’s worth of hope. Well done.

  6. really felt this one Melinda. nice portrayal and delivery in this piece.

  7. I lived in Florida 11 years. This one takes me back. Good work

  8. beautiful …

    you swim around this
    person observing her from
    every spot within and without through
    time and to me … you
    captured who she is for
    me to see her
    essence … the essential suffering of
    life … multiplied by hundreds …. the strain inside of us
    all … thanks for the vision … ks

  9. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. It was very kind of you to like it too!

  10. Restlessness came when no one did….oh how I relate. Nicely done.

  11. Really a fine poem – enhanced by the illustration, though the poem would stand by itself!

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