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RIP Robin Williams


Robin Williams
In hopes of being inspired to write, I watched “Hook” earlier today. Having not seen it in quite some time I realized how perfect a movie it truly is from the screenplay, to the directing and casting. Two lines stood out to me in particular. The first line was said by Dustin Hoffman, “After all, what would the world be like without Captain Hook?” And then there was Robin Williams’ line which concluded the movie: “to live will be an awfully big adventure.” It was only minutes after hearing these words that I learned of Williams’ death. It was sad, ironic, and yet devastatingly beautiful in its own way. I do not wish to think about what the world will be like without Robin Williams. For now I’d rather remember him as I last saw him, flying high and touching the sky. RIP Robin Williams, you were a happy thought to us all.

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Author: melindafoshat

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6 thoughts on “RIP Robin Williams

  1. Having worked with Robin on seven different movies this is truly sad news.

    • I think Robin was one of the most loved men of all time. True, he was a talented and one of a kind performer, but he was that rare, sensitive soul, that helped us come to terms with being human. Because of him, I see the value in laughter, I see the necessity in tears, and I see the beauty in bleeding.

      • A beautiful way to put it, Foshat! “Because of him, I see the value in laughter, I see the necessity in tears, and I see the beauty in bleeding.” You paint lovely verbal tapestries…in poetry as well as comments, I see. Robin Williams will be missed!

  2. While I will always think of him in “Good Morning Vietnam”, there is another rather lovely film he starred in that was not particularly popular but worth seeing: “What Dreams May Come”. It is ironic because a husband searches in a fabulous heaven for his wife who committed suicide. It is visually beautiful. Leaving behind a wife and children it is a shame that his comedic mask hid from what was worth living for.

    • Yes, I saw that movie a long time ago and I remember loving it. I am definitely due for another viewing. It is tragic that Robin was always able and willing to lift his friends’ spirits when they were in need, but somehow, no one was able to reach him. After all, who can make the funniest man in the world laugh? Comedians’ hearts are often the deepest, because it is in their nature to put their own happiness on the line for the sake of others.

  3. Really a very sad news that I came across. He will always be remembered, loved and missed always. 😡

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