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Moon in Pisces


It’s crazy how truthful astrology is. Every last word of this is true, even the brief mention of being a massage therapist. Every one tells me I have a natural talent for it and that I should do it on the side.


Author: melindafoshat

Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

3 thoughts on “Moon in Pisces

  1. I have to agree. On some things they are accurate in the direct and others not so obvious meaning they are more generalized and a little harder to see at first.

    • It does not always fit a person 100% but for the most part they accurate. I find that if a person does not identify with their sign it is most likely due to a lack of genuine self awareness, which is common in this day of age.

  2. Hi Melinda
    Really like your blog graphics. I’m Piscean (sun opposite moon), how could I not respond?

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