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Eternal Roots


(One of the first poems I wrote. Thought I would post for fun.)

With every last breath
Hidden secrets mount in flight
Unnoticed by your sight
Spat down by your conscious mind

With each fallen year
Truths spring forth in search of light
Reaching for the sun
Jailed by your ignorant thoughts

Eternal roots kept buried
Diverged from your view
The senseless witnesses of withering
Spring forth sentencers of youth

To grow old is not to die
But to grow up one more time

When our leaves gently fall
Amidst the dead chill of fall
Then we blend into the ground
Where we wait until we mount

Like the seeds of fallen fruit
Born within eternal root
Our flesh is merely but a lie
To seal man’s soul from man’s eye

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – January 27, 2014


Author: melindafoshat

Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

8 thoughts on “Eternal Roots

  1. autumn dream
    we’re all nutrients
    for other

  2. Like the thought, To grow old is not to die, but to grow up one more time. Also the line, Jailed by your ignorant thoughts.

    Are you building a collection of poems about death (or its reciprocal) for publishing?

    • I do end up talking about death a lot, don’t I? I don’t do it on purpose. In fact, I start my poems with just a word or a phrase, then images start rushing through my mind. I do my best to describe them and somehow death always makes his grand appearance. It would work as a theme in a book of poems which I would love to eventually put together.

  3. Hello! THIS is a title-IX moment of prose… (Only 113 BB HOF inductees hit a HOME RUN their first “AT-BAT”.)… You HAVE done so BEFORE AUTOMATTIC begins theirs. I LOVE being AMAZED!

  4. What a beautiful blog–I love the header picture, especially. This is a nice theme, too. Re this poem, I love the final 2 lines–I never thought about our flesh sealing the soul from man’s eye before–fabulous.

  5. Reblogged this on crippledatYourtable and commented:
    This is lovely. 🙂 have a look at her poetry.

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