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Love You…

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This poem brought tears to my eyes. It reflects that secret wisdom so often found in Rumi’s work. What a lovely poet.

Serenades of a dreamer...

This poem is a response to Shereen Aljarrah ‘s very vigorous and fervent piece…  “ Love Me

Whirler You make me whirl in your love. Dance you are, you’re the wind…

I look at you not with child like orbs,
but like an orbs of a man,
that has earned the brightness in eyes
after years of blindness.
Before you, who had no idea of colors,
whatever he did know of them was from
the text and the shallow inscriptions.

I touch you not like a Gardner
touching his beloved flower,
but like a soul – a vagabond spirit
who earns all the senses to touch and feel
after uniting with its contender for a journey.
Before you, it had no idea of what it feels like
to be the one with somebody.

I kiss you not like a man struggling for
survival, so you can lend him a life……

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Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

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