Melinda Foshat

Poetry, Prose, Photography

In My Last Hour


Spare me the leisure
For I am far from fond of comfort

Take down the rows of China
Bring the lilacs from the garden

Put the curtains out to dry
Let the fire simmer freely

Open all the windows
Hang the birdcage from the ceiling

Pour the garlic from the chalice
Stamp my letters with the date

And please be sure to listen
To not a word of what I say

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 22, 2014

Author: melindafoshat

Poet, dreamer, philosopher, photographer

5 thoughts on “In My Last Hour

  1. Excellent ending. The first two lines can see sarcasm from my view.

  2. Hi Melinda,

    Your blog is lovely, and this piece is particularly invigorating and beautifully written! =)


  3. Thank you for the follow 🙂 Your writing is beautiful!

  4. Agreed, the ending fits death so well. People go through a litany (if lucid) of all the horrors others of wrought upon them, or all the nit picky things they don’t like about their spouse. Yikes, it’s a sad time, and some just let it all out then. The wise among us listen to it all but don’t say a word in return.

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