Melinda Foshat

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The Importance of Respecting Another’s Beliefs

Although it is acceptable to express your opinions on a particular matter, I encourage you to not do so in a disrespectful way. Once you disrespect another, you ultimately lose respect for yourself. To all those making fun of the new Pope or verbally and harshly attacking Catholics with your seemingly indisputable facts, I understand where you are coming from but you are going about it all wrong. You cannot force your beliefs on anyone else and you should certainly not try to do so with a critical attitude. When the time comes when that person wants to find answers beyond their religion, they will not turn to you, and that missed opportunity is your fault. Even though I’m sure we all fall victim to the idea that our own personal beliefs hold truest, I like to believe that there is a little truth in all faiths and cultures. Although I value my own spirituality, I acknowledge, accept, and even appreciate others’ and give thanks that there is no one way to enlightenment. Even if there were only one right way or one right belief, that in itself would be oppressive. So let’s be thankful that we are all free to find the peace and happiness––and for some, the truth––that we need in our lives. It’s okay to want to help others, but try to do it at the RIGHT time and with a more compassionate attitude.

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