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Night Falls

Night falls
So shall I fall with her

Though Moon, draped in her glory
Rises in the eye of hopeful lovers
Moon would be nothing without Night

In the pupil of her eye
Let me hide, next to Moon
Who is but a reflection
Of a barren world
Which worships itself

I lie with Night, yet I know
No one looks for love in the dark
Except for the fool
Who sees his soul glisten
Beneath the ripples in the sky
Where Aphrodite drowned long ago

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – March 13, 2014


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The Madman’s Sonnet

Her inscription is so delicately pure,
That I shall never dare once to read her.
Though my eyes with aggravation grind,
To peak beneath her modest bind,
My ego as stern and as black as the stallion,
Restrains all compassion untamed for companion.
She pleads to be touched; she longs to be opened,
Still my attention remains unawokened.

The shelf she shall stay forever more,
Her fore-edge un-sore, her pages un-tore,
‘Til the day she falls mute on the floor,
Then might her story I lust to explore.

But to do so would only implore,
That I would be bound to burn the whore.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – March 12, 2014




Haiku 1


Reflections On A Rainy Day


Outside my window stands a magnificent palm tree. One of its palms reaches to my windowsill. On a rainy day, much like today, I sit by my window and watch the rain bounce on the stems and slide down the leaves. I wonder, does the rain drop jump willingly or does the leaf simply let go? Perhaps rain takes a part of the leaf with it, like how strangers who collide momentarily in each other’s lives take some sort of wisdom. If it’s wisdom rain takes, it must be the wisdom it needs to grow into a palm tree itself one day. How else can something so small grow to be so large? I hope one day I too can learn from the rain and the palm tree. For now I am thankful for the rain and for those who have fallen before me. I am thankful for the palm tree and its courage to stretch beyond limitations. And at last I am thankful for my room with a view on rainy day.

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – March 6, 2014


Think On Our Love

Think on our love
Not as wild
For I have no wish
To out run the reach
Of your fingertips

Think on our love
Not as right
For there is no one way
I could hold you
Naked beneath a starless sky

Think on our love
Not as young
For I feel faint of breath
Having loved you
My entire life

Think on our love
Not as long
For there is no time
I wouldn’t give to see you
Dream peacefully atop my grave

Think on our love
Not as love
But a knot between two souls
Which tightens upon
The sight of your face

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – February 27, 2014


Seattle Coffee

Seattle Coffee
What I’d like to think you left me for

Seattle Seafood
What you actually left me for

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – January 27, 2014


Eternal Roots

This is one of the first poems I wrote. I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to post it.

With every last breath
Hidden secrets mount in flight
Unnoticed by your sight
Spat down by your conscious mind

With each fallen year
Truths spring forth in search of light
Reaching for the sun
Jailed by your ignorant thoughts

Eternal roots kept buried
Diverged from your view
The senseless witnesses of withering
Spring forth sentencers of youth

To grow old is not to die
But to grow up one more time

When our leaves gently fall
Amidst the dead chill of fall
Then we blend into the ground
Where we wait until we mount

Like the seeds of fallen fruit
Born within eternal root
Our flesh is merely but a lie
To seal man’s soul from man’s eye

© Copyright – All rights reserved – – January 27, 2014


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